Reviewing Trading Course

Trading course reviewEvery few months I try to catch up on the latest trading course and workshops that get released. I’m always on the look out for something useful that doesn’t promise the moon and deliver the dirt so to speak.

What I usually do is go to online forums like Big Mike Trading or Elite Trader and see what other traders are talking about and get a feel for new courses and workshops. I find that the people posting on these forums actually know what they are talking about and post honest reviews of the topics.

I did something different this time

Instead of trying the different trading forums like Big Mike’s  and many others, I decided to try a recommendation from a friend. My friends usually ask me for advice on different trading courses but my friend was excited because he tried a course that he really was happy about.

He tried their membership program and their entry course and liked the material so much that he now only trades patterns from the this course.

The name of the company is market geeks and they make swing trading strategy courses and workshops. What I liked when visiting their home page was the fact that there’s about 200 trading articles and videos all laid out without any cost. The quality of the free material is truly top notch.

The company offers only a few courses which is ironic considering how many free courses they offer on their site. This tells me that the company genuinely cares about their clients and wants to offer them something of value simply for visiting their site.

I checked out the material and decided to purchase the Short term trading workshop which was only priced at $200.00. I can tell you that after going through the material, I can honestly say that I spent about 2,000 a few times for a similar quality course.

Everything from volatility to swing trading filters were discussed. The author was very thorough and concise. Nothing is left out of the course and everything is talked about in great detail.

There’s even 4 strategies that are included at no additional charge.

After going through several hours of video instructions I  thoroughly impressed and got a response to my question within about half hour or so after emailing my request. The response was not generic and was by the actual author of the Course, Mr. Roger Scott.

I highly recommend you check out if you are looking for a good way to get started without wasting much time or money.

If you don’t want to spend any cash you can probably gain a huge amount of experience and knowledge by reading some of the articles and watching some of the swing trading videos and day trading videos they have.

UPDATE: I found out that the company also has a YOUTUBE channel that has about 200 videos online. I highly recommend you check them out because the quality of the information is superb.

Jerry Tobias aka “Homer”

Web Services For Professional Traders

day trading stock marketI’ve been spending so much time monitoring and back testing trading strategies that I stopped going to different forums for a while. I started out again for the reason that I really just got bored staring at the monitor all day.

I finally found a good recommendation of different forums on this site called Market Geeks, they  educate swing traders  about different types of strategies.

One site they talked about was This site gives you the morning numbers including the high and low pivot points if you are a day trader.

I now use these levels without having to pay for expensive quotes. I use gaps and support and resistance lines for my trades. Therefore, I don’t need expensive software to give me indicators that work in real time.

I can simply make a note of the previous night’s closing price and work with that number for my entry as well as my stop loss levels.

I recommend you first try simple gap or reversal strategies based on price alone before you go into fancy technical indicators or advanced strategies that rely on things that can confuse you and cause you to make mistakes.

Trade Well!


Accessories For Day Traders

basic swing tradingEvery Year I try to find some cool toys that my day trading friends and myself would like. We spend all day trading so getting some fun is the best way to blow off some stress. Working out is great but I like to gift traders cool things that they can actually use to make their trading life easier.

Every time I try to find something really cool I end up buying the same old gift certificate from the local electronics store.

Well this year I decided to do something really cool for my buddies. I opened a commodities futures trading account with him. I funded the cash but it’s our account and and we now have a cool trading account and we both get to make trading decisions together.

As traders we are always isolated staring at the screen all day long. But now we can execute trades together and work together an hour or two per week on a joint trading account. The futures trading rates are really good and I get to make trading decisions and so does my buddy.

I recommend you check out Active Futures because they really do know what they are doing. I check out several other firms several years ago but I like this firm more and more. They have about 14 different trading platforms to choose from. Very cool indeed.

I tried NinjaTrader and it was very nice and quick.

If you are looking for good quality service and good rates I recommend you check them out. There’s alot of worse commodities futures brokers out there.

I had an account a few years ago with trade station securities but I thought the execution was rather slow. I did not experience these problems with Active futures, at least for now.

They clear their trades through Crossland LLC which is considered a big firm so I know the cash is secure. I will update you a bit more when I get some more info about their services and platforms.


Trading Books That Make Great Gifts

becoming a good traderOk, I’m back from my trip that took me only 48 hours. I went to the National Trading Convention and it was a great one. What was very cool was that I got to meet a few professional traders that were profiled in the Market Wizard books.

This got me to think about all the different trading books that I read and studied over the last 2 decades. My favorite books were the older ones the ones that were written in the sixties and seventies. These are the basics of technical analysis and I recommend you start with those books if you decide to venture into professional trading.

The books that were written before 2000 had a personal touch to them and were less filled with technical language. The books about trading now all talk about technical indicators and tools for traders. No one talks about trading emotions and how emotions are the biggest enemy or asset you will have when you first start out trading.

Just remember the best tool you have in the markets is you and the worst enemy you have in the markets is you as well. Real how I made 2,00,000.00 in the stock market. It’s an awesome book about true trading success. Start with the Market Wizard books and go from there. Another great book is Reminiscence of a Stock operator, this is a classic book and I highly recommend you read it.